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News and updates

24 June 2020
Recent additions to Rupert Lane's "Try MTS" web site

In January and March 2020 entries for UBC Plus and PL360 were added to the Programming languages in MTS section of the "Try MTS" web site. They join the existing entries for BASIC, FORTRAN, MAD (GOM), ALGOL 60, ALGOL W, LISP, UTILISP, PL/1(F), SNOBOL, RATFOR, FLECS, PIL, APL, Assembler G. and GPSS as well as more general information on MTS including how to install, operate, and use it.


11 March 2020
Al Emery (1930-2020), longtime Deputy Director at the University of Michigan's Academic Computing Center, passed away on March 2, 2020

29 August 2019
An interesting article about the early history of Unix from Ars Technica

Today, Unix powers iOS and Android—its legend begins with a gator and a trio of researchers.
Richard Jensen - 8/29/2019, 8:00 AM

26 May 2019
Newcastle Computing: Celebrating 50 Years of Campus-wide Computing

From: Brian Randell
Subject: Inauguration of the new exhibition -- "Newcastle Computing: Celebrating 50 Years of Campus-wide Computing"
Date: May 22, 2019 at 9:08:23 AM EDT

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the event Newcastle Computing: Celebrating 50 Years of Campus-wide Computing taking place on the afternoon of Thursday 13th June 2019 in the Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle University.

We are unveiling a new exhibition on Newcastle’s acquisition of a System/360-67 machine and the development of the Michigan Terminal System. We will also have a series of talks on the history of computing at Newcastle, especially as it relates to these events.

For more information and to book, please visit: http://newcastlecomputing50.ncl.ac.uk. Attendance is free but registration is mandatory as we have space restrictions.

We look forward to seeing you at this event.

Best wishes

Brian Randell
School of Computing, Newcastle University

A PDF with background information is available as well.

26 May 2019
Newcastle University renames building to honor Elizabeth Barraclough

Elizabeth Barraclough Building, March 2019
Dear Colleagues,

As part of a series of building name changes, University Council endorsed a recommendation from University Executive Board to rename Black Horse House to The Elizabeth Barraclough Building. The Executive Board recommendation reads:

In October 2018 NUIT moved out of Claremont Tower/Bridge, its home since 1967, into the refurbished Black Horse House on Sandyford Road. Retaining the building name of a former Lloyds Bank call centre does not seem appropriate. It is both timely and fitting to name this building after the pioneer of computing services at Newcastle University, as well as its first head of department.

Elizabeth Barraclough was appointed as a computer operator in the University’s Computing Laboratory in 1957. Although this job title may conjure up images of relatively junior work, in 1950s this meant mathematics graduates working hands-on with some of the earliest commercially available mainframe computers in the world. Elizabeth’s early achievements included solving Friedholm integral equations and the computerisation of student registration and MSc timetabling, all before 1960. In 1967, Elizabeth was appointed Computer Manager for the Northumbrian Universities’ Multiple Access Computer and later the Executive Director of the University Computing Laboratory. In 1991 when the Computing Laboratory split into academic and service functions, Elizabeth became the first Director of the University Computing Service, one of the predecessors of the current IT Service, NUIT.

Upon retirement in 1993, Elizabeth was given the title Director Emeritus, Newcastle University Computing Service. In recognition of her 36 years of service, the University bestowed Elizabeth with an Honorary Fellowship in 2006.

Elizabeth will be visiting the building on 13th June @ 1100hrs to unveil a plaque, meet NUIT staff and tour our facilities. She will be joined by some other former members of the Computing Laboratory, including its first Director, Professor Ewan Page.

I hope a number of you will be able to meet Elizabeth during her visit.

Colleagues in ESS are working on changing external signage; the correct postal address is noted in my signature.

Best wishes,

Jason N. Bain, Assistant Director Infrastructure,
University IT Service, Newcastle University, The Elizabeth Barraclough Building,
91 Sandyford Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8HW, United Kingdom.

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