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Karen Dymond

The following item appeared as part of an article in the December 13, 2005 issue of the University Record at UM:
University honors employees for decades of service
Many employees were recognized this year for serving the University for several decades, ....

The University's development and growth have depended upon the contributions made by staff members. It is said that the success of an organization can be measured in part by the effectiveness of the personnel who choose to remain and grow with it.

Short biographies of some of the 50-, 45- and 40-year employees follow, ....

40 years of service

Karen L. Dymond, office manager, ITCS

In 40 years of working in computing environments, Karen L. Dymond says she has seen incredible transformations, from the shift from data stored on reams of keypunched cards and mainframe computers bigger than some people's houses to wireless Internet access and palm-sized pocket computers.


Dymond came to the University in 1964 as a keypunch operator responsible for data entry and billing at University Hospital. She later joined the staff at the Computing Center (now Information Technology Central Services) and has stayed there for 30 years—transitioning from keypunch operator to supervisor to manager of office operations.

She credits mathematics professor and emeritus director of the Computing Center Robert C.F. Bartels as having been a significant mentor to her, personally and professionally. "He had the ability to be in touch with everyone and was a very accessible and reachable person who always made time for other people," she says.

An avid football fan and doll collector, Dymond says she plans to work until she's 65, after which she hopes to stay active and spend part of each year in Golf Shores, Ala., in the condo she and her husband own.