7. Wayne State University (WSU)

posted Apr 24, 2014, 5:32 AM by Jeff Ogden
From: "James F. Simmons"
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Subject: MTS Archive Discussions -- Who were the Directors? -- WSU

Hi, Jeff.  These are my comments and corrections for your WSU paragraph.  My sources are Robert Monroe's booklet and my memory.

I recall that the name was indeed "Wayne State University Computing Center" from about 1957 to 1962. However, Bob's booklet does not list that name.  Perhaps it was the informal name only.  I suggest that you title the paragraph "Wayne State University Computing and Data Processing Center", which was the name from 1962 to 1977.  That interval included the beginning of MTS use in fall 1970.

Below I list the line items that should be changed or added.  Other line items are correct as they stand.

Walter Hoffman, Assistant Director, 1954?-1957, Acting Director, 1957-1959, Director, 1959-1962.
Computing and Data Processing Center (CDPC), 1962-1977
Walter Hoffman, Director, 1962-1969
(If you want to include all Associate and Assistant Directors:)
    Charles Briggs, Associate Director, 1962-about 1974
    Roger Hardenbergh, Assistant Director, 1962-1972
    Robert Monroe, Assistant (later Associate) Director, mid 1960s-1982
    Robert Jones, Associate Director, about 1968-late 1970s
Robert Hubbard, Acting Director, 1969-1970
Frank Westervelt, Director, fall 1970-1982
Computing Services Center (CSC), 1977-1982
Roger Nys, Acting Director, 1982
Computing & Information Technology division (C&IT), 1982-present
Mort Rahimi, Director, 1982-early 1990s