1.2: Bob Husak (Merit and UM)

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Photograph of Bob Husak
Bob worked for the Merit Network, the UMnet group at the U-M Computing Center, and the U-M's Industrial Technology Institute (ITI). He maintained Merit's original PDP-11 based hardware, designed and implemented new high speed line adapters (MM-16), a new PDP-11 to S/370 channel interface, and other hardware used by Merit and U-M.  While he focused more on hardware than software, he helped to develop and maintain MINOS, Merit's network operating system for the DEC PDP-11, helped add interactive terminal (Hermes) and X.25 support to the network, and was heavily involved in the creation and deployment of LSI-11 based Secondary Communications Processors (SCPs) at U-M and throughout Michigan.He was a member of the ANSI X.3S37 and IEEE 802.4 national standards committees.

Bob was killed in a motorcycle accident in April 1985.

From the obituaries section of the April 25, 1985 edition of the Canton Observer (Volume 10, No. 79, page 2A):

                     ROBERT L. HUSAK
  Funeral services for Mr. Husak, 33. of Ann Arbor
were held recently in Schrader Funeral Home with
burial at St. Hedwig Cemetery. Dearborn Heights
Officiating was the Rev. Wayne Rouchgy. Memorial
contributions may be made in the form of Mass
  Mr Husak. who died April 18 in Ann Arbor, was
born in Dearborn and was a member of St. Michael
Catholic Church of Dearborn. He was a systems research
programmer with the University of Michigan.
He is survived by three brothers, Ronald, Kenneth
and John, all of Denver.