1.6 Al Rubens (Merit and UM)

posted Jan 13, 2015, 8:08 PM by Jeff Ogden
MichNet News
Rubens Retires from MeritMerit Loses its Longest Serving Technical Staff MemberAllan Rubens, one of Merit's first software development team members, recently resigned from Merit to join an Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurial start-up. Rubens joined Merit in 1974 as a software development team member. Among his peers was Robert Husak, who had joined Merit only a few weeks earlier. They reported to Wayne Fischer who, along with other early Merit software staff, had written the initial version of our network software known as the Communication Computers' network Operation System (CCOS). CCOS ran our custom built routers named Communication Computers, as this was in an era before commercially available routers were even thought about.

Rubens and Husak's initial task, under Fischer's direction, was the development of our first network dial-in access terminal support. Shortly after assigning this project to them, Fischer went on an extended vacation leaving Rubens and Husak to do most this work on their own.
Husak's untimely, accidental death in 1985 and the departures of Knopper and Braun earlier this decade left Rubens as the sole remaining member of this set of our long-term technical staff.Indeed he has the distinction of being Merit's longest serving technical staff member. While Rubens continued to maintain the Primary and Secondary Communication Processor software through its final days in 1997, his more recent focus had been on MBone and GateD related software development. His many contributions to Merit's growth and success are numerous and only briefly summarized here. He has always had the respect of his peers and Merit's management. While he will be missed, we wish him our best.

-- Eric Aupperle, Merit Network