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Shutting MTS down

MTS Shutdown Party @ UM

posted Jan 27, 2012, 6:51 AM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Jan 27, 2012, 6:51 AM ]

Gavin uncovered this in his archives.

 From: MTS.Operators@um.cc.umich.edu
 Date: Wed, 26 Jun 96 10:20:34 EDT
 To: itd.all.staff@umich.edu
 Subject: MTS Shutdown Party

 On Friday, June 28, the MTS Operations staff is hosting a
 gathering to mark the official shutdown of MTS.  Any and all
 who have worked with MTS Operations, Programming, Support or
 Administration over the last 30 years are cordially invited
 to attend.  Join us in celebrating the end of a remarkable era
 at the University of Michigan.

 The party is scheduled for 3-5pm Friday at the North Campus
 Computing Center (1075 Beal).  Enter via the north patio and
 look for Room 2202, the 2nd floor machine room.

 Since Bonisteel Blvd is closed at Beal due to construction, the
 only access to the Computing Center is via Fuller.  Take eastbound
 Fuller to Beal, which is just past the VA Hospital, then left
 on Beal to the CC parking lots.  The upper and lower lots both
 have staff paid parking.  The larger lower lot also has visitor

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