2. Jobs for hackers?

posted Sep 15, 2010, 6:23 PM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Sep 29, 2010, 7:08 AM ]
This is from Josh Simon's "Anecdotes" page:

Security and hacking

According to legend, several graduate-level Computer Science classes were given instructions to try to break into MTS. The few who succeeded in breaching the system security (mainly those who managed to obtain privileges beyond those of their normal user accounts) were given employment at the University's Computing Center. Their first task was to plug the security hole they found.

I think I was involved in this incident. There was such a class (CCS 673) and it did find problems with some aspects of MTS security. I don't think it is true that the UM Computing Center hired anyone because of their involvement, but some members of the class did work for the Computing Center.  And as I remember things it was George Helffrich who fixed most of the problems found by the class. George and I gave the class an introduction to the internals of MTS, but we weren't students in the class. See the next posting for more.