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I've got two questions:

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2) I have videos of three movies staring Bernie (Basic and Advanced Use of the IBM 029 Keypunch and Basic Operation of MTS).  For years and years I've heard and repeated the phrase "Punch cards form a vital link", but that phrase isn't used anywhere in those three movies.  Mike thinks that there was an earlier movie starting you that might have been about the IBM 026 Keypunch and that the phrase might have been from that movie.  Do you remember anything about this? If there was an earlier movie, any idea who might have a copy?  I looked through the online list of holdings from the UofM Television Center and didn't see anything.


From: Donald Boettner
Date: September 3, 2010 2:25:59 PM EDT
To: Jeff Ogden
Subject: Re: two questions

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2. The very first keypunch instructional "film" was an automated slide show with voice.  It consisted of a carousel slide projector and a tape recorder housed in a large back-screen projection enclosure.  It was in the room with the consulting stations [at the NUB].  There were signals recorded on the tape that caused the projector to go to the next slide.  This was produced and dictated by Frank Westervelt.   The spoken text started off with "Punched cards form a vital link between you, your ideas, and the computer.".   After much usage, the tape broke at "your ideas" and Frank had to splice it and remove that phrase.   At the beginning of every semester you could walk by the consulting area and hear this booming out all the time.   This was later replaced by a video taped at UM TV offices that had me at the keypunch and Bernie lecturing.  Subsequent ones used one of our keypunch operators [Karen Dymond] and Bernie -- since I wasn't involved later I don't have much recollection of those.


You can watch the movies without the phrase in question, if you are interested.