x'19' (25): "The computer animated film: A dynamic cartography" (1973)

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"The computer animated film: A dynamic cartography" by Harold Modellering in ACM '73 Proceedings of the ACM annual conference, pages 64-69


In the mid 1960's it became evident that the computer animated film offered great potential for developments in the field of cartography. The following example is a realization of that perception. Traffic crash coordinate data from Washtenaw County Michigan for the years 1968-1970 has been assembled and subsequently displayed in a computer generated film animation. The symbol display algorithm is written so that as a crash increases in severity of injury, the larger the symbol and the longer it is displayed. Two crash sequences are displayed: the first in chronological order from 1968-1970 by 24 hour increments, and the second for a composite week by 15 minute increments. The result is a computer animated film about 7 minutes duration.

 . . . The system consists of two IBM 360/67 central processing units operating in tandem plus many peripheral devices. The computer hardware is run under the control of the Michigan Terminal System (MTS), a software processing system.