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#7: June 16-17 2014: MTS@UQV?

posted Jun 17, 2014, 6:28 AM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Jun 17, 2014, 9:21 AM ]
Dale Bent's message below started a series of messages that were sent to the mts-interest list:

From: Dale Bent
Subject: MTS@UQV
Date: June 16, 2014 12:53:38 PM EDT

Hello MTSers, especially old colleagues from Alberta.   It is good to hear from you and renew contacts.  As a piece of vital archival information, do any of you recall why Alberta’s code MTS@UQV was determined?

On Jun 16, 2014, at 1:38 PM, Jeff Ogden wrote:

It didn't take very long to get some answers to Dale's question. Several of them may even be right.


On Jun 16, 2014, at 1:24 PM, Jim Henriksen wrote:

Dear Dale:

I believe UQV stands for University of Queen Victoria.  I don't know who made the choice and why.

Jim Henriksen

On Jun 16, 2014, at 1:23 PM, Patrick Gossman wrote:

Thanks.  Good to hear from Dale.

It would seem that you/someone answered Dale's question back in 2010..... and it's in the archives....


On Jun 16, 2014, at 1:20 PM, Mike Douglass wrote:

Wasn't it the motto?


From: paul whaley
Subject: Re: MTS@UQV
Date: June 16, 2014 1:16:47 PM EDT
To: Jeff Ogden

Well, I don't know why but the phrase that came to mind is quaecumque vera which is apparently the UofA motto.
 - Paul

On Jun 16, 2014, at 1:08 PM, Gavin Eadie wrote:

Weren’t the site codes based on (the same as) IBM’s SHARE codes?

On Jun 16, 2014, at 2:08 PM, Grant Crawford wrote:

It came from the Latin saying on the university crest: 'Quaecumque vera' - whatsoever things are true (Phil 4:8)

On Jun 16, 2014, at 2:09 PM, Seymour Wolfson wrote:

I would have thought Frank Westervelt would know this.
I thought he was the guy who introduced it at UoM and then WSU when he went there as Director.


Dr. Seymour Wolfson, Assoc. Professor-Retired
WSU Computer Science Dept.

On Jun 16, 2014, at 2:32 PM, Dale Bent wrote:

Hello Everyone

Yes, "quaecumque vera" was the University of Alberta latin motto:  "whatsoever things are true", taken from the biblical quotation mentioned below.  The UofA classics department chairman told me there was a classicist's joke about it.   It could also mean "whatsoever things are expedient", and this was the way they chose to interpret it.

Regards, Dale Bent.

On Jun 16, 2014, at 5:07 PM, Gerry Gabel wrote:


The archive article has it right.  If I recall correctly, I applied for the SHARE membership shortly after we got the 360/67 and the installation code was selected from the words "Quaecumque Vera" on the U of A letterhead. 

But I do like University of Queen Victoria.   Good work all.   Gerry

On Jun 16, 2014, at 6:44 PM, Mike Alexander wrote:

Yes, UQV was the SHARE code for the University of Alberta.  When they joined SHARE all the obvious codes were already taken.  The application was written on stationery which had the University’s motto printed at the top and the person handling the application used this as the basis for the SHARE code when he ran out of other ideas.  I don’t remember the motto, but it was a Latin phrase suggesting UQV as an acronym.  It has nothing to do with Queen Victoria (either the university or the person).


And the MTS Archive site discussion has more about this: