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#3: November 3, 2010: MTS bibliography

posted Jan 22, 2011, 7:23 AM by Jeff Ogden
From: Jeff Ogden
Date: November 3, 2010 2:49:50 PM EDT
To: Harry Whitfield, Denis Russell, Tony Young, Ron Kerr, Elizabeth Barraclough, Garance A Drosehn, Don Porter, Wilson Dillaway, eliotb, Bruce Cowan, Dale Bent, grantc, Gerry/Joy Gabel, Richard McCreedy, Patrick James Gossman, srodawa, Suzan Alexander, Alan Ballard, Paul Whaley, Ralph Sayle, John Hogg, rhall, George.lindholm, charles.benet
Cc: Gavin Eadie, Mike Alexander, Donald Boettner
Subject: MTS bibliography

Most  of the 56 of the 68 items listed in the MTS Bibliography are from UM.  This may be because folks from UM wrote more than the other sites, but I suspect that we are missing a number of items from sites other than UM simply because we don't know about them.  Can others remember items that we should add?

We do  have 12 items from sites other than UM:

UBC:  Chanson, S.T., and Bishop, Craig, University of British Columbia, "A Simulation Study of Adaptive Scheduling Policies in Interactive Computer Systems", In ACM SIGMETRICS, Performance Evaluation Review, Vol.6, No. 3, pp. 33-39, 1977.

NPS:  Conklin, L. R., A study into the problem of deadlock systems with emphasis on allocation of serially reusable resources, Master's thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA., June 1973, 53 pp. †

NPS:  Hinson, Elvert F., A Comparative Study of the Michigan Terminal System (MTS) with Other Time Sharing Systems for the IBM 360/67 Computer, Master's thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA., December 1971 †

NPS:  Lancaster, Alexander E., Jr., Implementation of the Page Fault Frequency Replacement Algorithm, Master's thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA., June 1973, 43pp. †

NPS: Syns, Gordon H., "Benchmarked comparison of terminal support systems for IBM 360 computers", pp.6-34 In ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, Vol.3, Issue 2, June 1974.

NUMAC:  Hunter, J. Alan and Hall, Nigel F., "A network screen editor implementation", pp. 843-856 In Software: Practice and Experience, Vol.12, Issue 9, September 1982. †

Case Western: Lynch, W. C., "Do disk arms move?", In ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, pp.13-23, vol.1, issue 4, December 1972). †

WSU:  Srodawa, R.J., "Positive Experiences with a Multiprocessing System", ACM Computing Surveys, 10:73-82. March 1978.

WSU:  Srodawa, R.J., and Bates, L.A., "An Efficient Virtual Machine Implementation", In AFIPS Conference, Proceedings, pp. 301-308, Vol. 42, 1973.

SFU:  Van Epp, Peter & Baines, Bill, Simon Fraser University, "Dropping the Mainframe Without Crushing the Users: Mainframe to Distributed UNIX in Nine Months", Paper presented at LISA VI: 6th Large Installation Systems Administration Conference, Long Beach, California, USA, October 1992. †

UQV:  Ward, Kathryn, "Measurement, Characterization and Modelling of an MTS Workload." Masters Thesis, University of Alberta, 1979
UQV:  Wesley, Brian, "Adaptive Page Fault Control: Use of Working Set Parameter." University of Alberta, 1974.

And nothing at all from RPI.

Alan Ballard mentioned an article about UBC Plus in a Canadian computer or data processing society journal, but it isn't online and I haven't been able to dig up a paper copy or a proper citation yet.

Was anything about *IF ever published?

Does anyone know anything about the use of MTS at the Naval Post Graduate School?  Bruce Arden wondered if this had something to do with Peter Denning's work there, but the timing seems a little off.

Does anyone know anything about William C. Lynch at Case Western Reserve? Did Case Western run MTS or did Lynch work with one of the MTS sites?