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7. Photos

posted Dec 10, 2010, 9:30 AM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated May 11, 2014, 11:32 AM ]

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Two photos from the 2004 reception for Robert Bartels.
Bob Parnes is on the left, Kitty Bridges is on the right, but who is the follow in the middle?

Meet:Students t-shirt (front and back):

Sunday in the Park with Parnes

First annual USER:OPENFORUM and USER:FORUM picnic at Delhi Park, Sunday, 13 July 1986.
This is a color version provided by John Dorsey (13th from the left in the front row) of a B&W photo that appeared on page 3 of the U-M Computing News, University of Michigan Computing Center, v.1 #2, 11 August 1986
Group photo from Confer Picnic July 1986
L to R, front row: Hershey, Betsy and Trevor Sell, Rachelle Lesko, John and Charlie Gray, Laurie Burns and Carol Gray, Jon Sell, Roy Leban, Ada Finifter, Richard Wiggins, John Dorsey, Maya Bernstein, Spot, Shifrah Nenner, Jeff Ogden, Beaumont, Gregory Rittinger.
Middle row: Kathy Aupperle, Howard Chu, Pat McGregor, Susan Harris, Laura Bollettino, Judy Shapiro, Debbie Fisch, Lee Redding, Cynthia Abel, Cindy Valerio, Vicki Neff and Molly, Tom Valerio, Paul Scott.
Top row: Al Anderson, Harry Clark, Charles Roth, Bob Parnes, Dennis Holt, Suzanne Schluederberg, Christine Wendt, Ed Vielmetti, Eric Sobocinski, Bob Rasmussen.

Two more Confer t-shirts, softball and basketball this time:

Front, the back is blank:
Photo of the front of a CONFER % 5 t-shirt

Photo of the front of a Confer % 64 t-shirt

Photo of the back of a Confer % 64 t-shirt